Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween time! and Giving thanks Time

 Kallie loves to pose theses days!
 Kanyon loves to ride her bike, she is getting so good!
 Face Painting at the church party
 Awesome pumpkins that have been craved

 Enjoying the nice weather and pumpkin walk
And Kallie singing out load

This year has been a blur, I work, I get the kids up and to school. I am lucky if I get Kanyon's hair done on time. She hates it, and sometime I don't have time to fight with her. I got to work, go to the new house and help, come home get dinner and put the kids to bed, I lay down to spend time with Kevin and then we are both fast alseep. The day starts over. I can't wait till the house is done and we can slow down and enjoy life. 
I love my family, my kids help me keep going and all the work Kevin is doing. I am very grateful for him. I know he is just as tired as me, maybe even more. he has done so much for me and I will always be grateful for him.
I taught my lesson on serving, and how we all need to serve. I realized today that I am doing so much and people are serving me all around me. I just need to sit back and let them. So this month I am going to try and let others serve me when they ask. I wont say, no I got it but thanks, or I think I am ok. and when they ask if they can help on the house I will say yes please come! With Thanksgiving right around the coner I am going to try and give thanks more and be willing to receive the serving of others as well.. 

How can you help serve others this month?

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