Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween time! and Giving thanks Time

 Kallie loves to pose theses days!
 Kanyon loves to ride her bike, she is getting so good!
 Face Painting at the church party
 Awesome pumpkins that have been craved

 Enjoying the nice weather and pumpkin walk
And Kallie singing out load

This year has been a blur, I work, I get the kids up and to school. I am lucky if I get Kanyon's hair done on time. She hates it, and sometime I don't have time to fight with her. I got to work, go to the new house and help, come home get dinner and put the kids to bed, I lay down to spend time with Kevin and then we are both fast alseep. The day starts over. I can't wait till the house is done and we can slow down and enjoy life. 
I love my family, my kids help me keep going and all the work Kevin is doing. I am very grateful for him. I know he is just as tired as me, maybe even more. he has done so much for me and I will always be grateful for him.
I taught my lesson on serving, and how we all need to serve. I realized today that I am doing so much and people are serving me all around me. I just need to sit back and let them. So this month I am going to try and let others serve me when they ask. I wont say, no I got it but thanks, or I think I am ok. and when they ask if they can help on the house I will say yes please come! With Thanksgiving right around the coner I am going to try and give thanks more and be willing to receive the serving of others as well.. 

How can you help serve others this month?

Friday, October 17, 2014


Just some pictures from my phone.. 
We are all doing good. Just busy with the house.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Our House is coming right along. We are 2 1/2 months into it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Preschool, Lagoon, and house update

Kallie is done with preschool for the year.. She loves school. She is so smart and I can't believe how much she learned this year. If she could go to school all year she would. My little girl is growing up so fast, it does make me sad. 

We went to Lagoon, we got passes so we can go a ton this summer. The kids just love it. I always come home with a headache. Kanyon is tall enough for the big rides, she loves it. she goes on the white roller coaster, the  collaest, and all the spinning ones.  She is so brave. Kallie loves the rides also, she likes to go on the kid rides, and she knows she has to wait and watch Kanyon go on more. Kallie is so good about it, when Kanyon gets done, she always says how was the ride.. She really is supportive. I love how close they are. They are really good friends.

The house is coming right along. We had a few days where nothing was getting done. This week though we are moving right along. We have the footings done, and now the foundation walls are getting poured. Soon it will look more like a house. We are very excited.
It's going to be a long hot summer, and I know Kevin will have a nice tan at the end of summer.

What are the summer plans for your families?

Mothers Day

I love mothers day. I love it even more now that my kids make things for me. Kanyon was so exited for mothers day, she told me all week when mothers day would be. She made me cards and cards all week for the big day. Come Saturday i was like ok, thank you, i love them all  so much, there is no more room on my wall for more pictures. I got sick on Saturday during the morning part, and that was wired, but we had made plans to go on a date to see spider man. so I needed to get better before then, the movie was at 425. Kevin got home and took care of me, i have a thing with Pepito bison, so i never take it, even though i know it works well. So Kevin goes and makes me take it, and about 30 min later i am doing much better. I should have just done it before hand and i would not have been so sick for 2 hours. I walk into the kitchen and there is some beautiful roses for me. I was so happy to have roses, they are my favorite thing. we get ready to see the movie, i am feeling better at this point, we go see the movie, get cafe rio, wait in the take out line for 45 min, even though i called ahead and they said it would be ready at 745, not really, like 830pm, but they gave us our meals for free and a extra meal for free yeah it's not all bad, but still....then we get home and Kevin had another big surprise for me. he got me a new form mattress for my bed! I was so excited. I have wanted one for a long time. I also needed a jewelery holder, and he got me that for my b-day. it was wonderful. Kevin is really good at gifts, he thinks of the best ones to give..
Sunday the girls come running in saying happy mothers day. They really make my life complete. I love it. They give me the cards they make for me while I get their breakfast and we all enjoy our time together. we get ready for church and away we go. the girls are singing songs to me the whole way there. they love to make up songs for mothers day. church was good, the girls sang songs in the sacrament meeting. Kallie had the biggest smile on her face, she could be front and center she would be. what a funny girl.. They come running back down and give me big hugs and kisses. I sit and think this is the best life ever. I am so happy and very lucky.. the rest of the day went by pretty fast, we went to dinner with Kev's mom and his side of the family.. it was good food. Olive garden does a great job.. Then we go to his Step mom's house and spend time there with family again, by the time it was time to see my family it was like 7, kids were very worn out and we were too. we go to my mom's thinking it's going to be crazy busy with lots of kids running around, but it was nice and clam. had a nice time talking to my parents, it was fun.. we went home and went to bed. Over all it was nice weekend, and i enjoyed my gifts from my kids, and my husband. I am very grateful for Kevin and all he does for me. I am a lucky girl to have 2 amazing kids and a wonderful loving husband who has shown me time and time again how much he loves me. I am very lucky. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Family Update
Kim- So I stated a new job at McKay Dee, I work in Heart failure. I have been here about a month now. At first it was really hard to get use to new things, computer, word, how to use a program called help2, and all these other programs, after being here over a month now I think I am getting the hang out if. I have my own work station. I have always wanted one. I am happy to be here. I don't like the full time hours, but I have to work so this will do for now, plus it beats working nights. I am home more with the kids, and I see Kevin so much more. It was a change at first but now it's getting better. The girls like having me home for dinner, doing homework and going on bike rides. This summer will be fun, we will be going to lagoon at night, and lots of bike rides. I am so excited about our summer. We will be busy building a DREAM HOME. Busy with work and the kids playing in the sun. I can't wait for SUMMER. Other then my birthday coming up this Saturday I will be 29. I don't feel like I am 29 yet, people still think of me as being 24. Sometimes I like that, but others times I want to look my age. I am so lucky to have a amazing guy in my life and 2 beautiful daughters. I am very happy, happier then I ever have been. I am very lucky. I know this summer will be stressful with the new house,work and still making time to go camping and be together as a family. I know we can make it. We always have before. Kevin and I both teach the CTR8. I love it. I am learning more and more. The kids in our class are so cute, getting ready for baptism, and are just so fun. I am very happy I have this calling, and it's even better to teach with my best friend. We both team teach it, and Kevin is so much better then me. I really am happy he is there to help me.

Kevin- Kevin is a busy guy, sometimes I don't know how he does it. He works every day at 5 to 330. even on Saturday's. He gets home from work, then I come home and I have all theses plans, sometimes he will be up for just about 20 hours, and still goes to work the next day, I don't know how he does it. I would die if it was me. Kevin is helping build a fence in our yard, he is so helpful, I think he would rather be sleeping, but that doesn't stop him. He is the general contractor for the build, so not only is he super busy with the fence he needs to call and get people to do our house at the same time, so far his summer will be busy making plans for sub contractors, and making sure they are on time, he keeps telling me to just trust him and it's hard, I am a planner and I need to see it happen. So this is me trusting him and I do. It's just hard. Kevin is thinking of going back to school in about a year, I told him after he gets the house done and gives me a baby, he can do whatever he wants! lol But house and baby come first. Other than the build of the new home, he is doing well. I am very lucky to have a wonderful husband who loves me for me, and is with me till the end.

Kanyon- Oh my little girl. She is getting go big, almost 6. I can't believe it. She is loving school, has lots of good friends, She will be in first grade next year, and I think she is ready now. She loves to read, write(she can work a little more this summer on her penmanship) but over all she is a great girl. This year we got passes to Lagoon. She was in heaven when we went. She was able to ride the white roller coaster, the other big one collosse and some of the big kid rides, she was going to ride the wicked, but i didn't let her. Maybe at the end of summer. She just is growing up to fast. Kanyon got a bike for Easter, and is able to ride it very well. It's a bigger bike, 20in. but she can hold her own. She never learned how to ride with training wheels, we didn't have a bike till last summer, and now she is riding the parkway with us, and going on long bike rides. I am telling ya she is growing up way to fast. It does make me sad in away, not so much my little girl.Kanyon also loves to go to church, she gets so excited about it, and yes it helps me get out of bed to get her ready, I know how important this is to her, and she has really helped me become stronger in the church.

Kallie- My little Blondie. she is almost 4, but she knows how to act like a 16 year old. She is in Love with her best friend Grayson. She will tell many times she has a boyfriend. She even once said she had 2 boyfriends and didn't know who to pick.. If she only new what life will be like when she is dating. I know Kevin will be on the front porch with a gun in his hand cleaning it. I can see it now. Reminds me of my dad. Kevin is not a fan of her thinking she is in love, I know she doesn't know what it really means. She just makes me laugh. She is a sassy thing. Kallie also loves to play with her dolls, dress up, and outside. She can play alone and be just fine. Kallie loves to drink milk, she even likes to get it herself. She is also growing up to fast and makes me really sad. She will be a great big sister one the time is right. She talks about it sometimes and can't wait.(not anytime soon) Kallie got a bike this year for Easter as well, and loves to ride it, she can keep up pretty well. She loves life and is excited to be old enough to ride her bike, as well as the rides at lagoon. Kallie also loves church and will surprises me when she will tell me things about Joesph Smith, and who he is. They both love to sing church songs in the car with me. I am very happy they are learning to love Christ. I hope they always do.

Well that's what's new with my family.
I love my kids and am one proud mom of everything they do!